“Jeff's professionalism, warmth, and caring are extremely appreciated; he's a great role model.”
Rina K.
“Jeff encompasses the rare combination of tremendous business savvy with practicality to see right through challenges to build clear action plans to tackle even the most complex issues.”
Will T.
“Jeff always presented himself with a calm demeanor and patience; he has truly made a difference for our organization and endeavored to make sure we are well positioned going into the future.”
Darin G.
“Jeff Cohen really makes you think outside the obvious and beyond the box with an entertaining and engaging style that reaches the heart and mind.”
Marian K.
“I have never seen a leader as good as Jeff; he knows how to communicate, has a high level of emotional intelligence, is dedicated, transparent, and trustworthy.”
Lisa L.
“I rarely get this enthusiastic about a presenter because I see many fine speakers, but Jeff has the extra pizzazz to captivate his audience. Our audience members characterized him as excellent, engaging, and enlightening.”
Toni D.
“Jeff really made a difference for the future of our organization.”
Nellie A.
“Jeff’s presentation attracted a standing room only crowd. His extensive knowledge and entertaining stage presence resonated with our audience. Jeff is highly professional and we will certainly recruit him for future events.”
Ricky B.
“Jeff does a great job and never loses his cool, even under the most trying of circumstances.”
Sally G.

It's all about growth... personally, professionally, and spiritually.
Jeff Cohen has spent his career speaking, consulting, and writing about life improvement. Whether it's a speech about finding your true career purpose, a book about earning more in less time, or a podcast about the journey to spiritual enlightenment, the overriding theme is reaching your potential.