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Saturday to Shabbos is all about meaningful conversations with Jewish people living along the spectrum of religious life. From people who discovered religion later in life to those born into observant families we all share a common bond in trying to reach our spiritual potential. Tune in to hear real life stories about how celebrities and folks just like you navigate Judaism to find more meaning in their life.

Saturday to Shabbos
When I was growing up Saturday was what I called the day after Friday. But now, among the many changes I’ve made in becoming observant... eating kosher, moving to a Jewish community, and sending my kids to Yeshiva, I now call Saturday... Shabbos. On this podcast, I’ll present real-life stories of people who’ve made their own journey to Jewish observance, the obstacles they overcame, and how the journey transformed them.

  • Podcaster - Jeff Cohen

It's all about growth... personally and professionally.
Jeff Cohen has spent his career speaking, consulting, and writing about life improvement. Whether it's a speech about finding your true career purpose, a book about earning more in less time, or a podcast about the journey to spiritual enlightenment, the overriding theme is reaching your potential.