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Jeff Cohen has worked with 50+ companies and organizations to transform their business, professional, and personal results. Included in this work is a strategic partnership with Accompli, a renowned consulting firm that works with some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups around.

Integrated Talent Management

Is your top talent in the most critical roles to grow your business? Do you compensate your employees based on a pay for performance model? Does your development program incorporate career aspirations? Recruitment, orientation, assessment, and development are all connected. Decisions in one area impact results in the others. Without an integrated program, your leaders and employees remain confused on the skills most valued and rewarded at your company. For clients looking to integrate their approach to talent management, we offer services such as redesigning the performance review process and linking it to compensation, implementing a talent assessment and succession planning program, and creating a retention program while holding leaders accountable for results.

Executive Coaching

Do you employ an executive with tremendous potential who hasn’t yet maximized their contribution? Are you in a senior role for the first time wondering how to lead effectively? Are you looking to build a leadership team but wondering who has the capabilities to join your direct report team. These reasons and others often call for an executive coach. Through a proven coaching process we’ll uncover strengths and development areas, then turn it all into a practical, step-by-step plan to turn potential into reality.

Strategic Communications

Do you need a communications professional to write an upcoming speech? Would you benefit from an improved overall communication strategy at your company? Do you need someone to coordinate all the logistics when you deliver a keynote? Senior executives are busy people with demanding jobs. It can be difficult to find the time for writing speeches, crafting slides, and communicating with your direct report team and broader organization. Did you know over 70% of senior executives rely on a trusted individual to craft talking points, powerpoint presentations, and memos. This is your chance to improve your communication style and skills with professionally written materials.

Organizational Restructuring

Are poor team dynamics preventing optimal business performance? Do you need a makeover to breakthrough inefficiencies and increase revenues? Could you benefit from a professional review of how you do business? Sometimes an outside, objective review is the perfect prescription to establish healthy team dynamics and improve processes. We know to cut through the clutter and figure out exactly what’s preventing optimal performance. We will interview all the key players to get to the bottom of team dynamics, then map out the current versus point of arrival processes to maximize revenue and remove bottlenecks. Your company or department will feel like a well-oiled machine by the time our business makeover is complete.

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It's all about growth... personally, professionally, and spiritually.
Jeff Cohen has spent his career speaking, consulting, and writing about life improvement. Whether it's a speech about finding your true career purpose, a book about earning more in less time, or a podcast about the journey to spiritual enlightenment, the overriding theme is reaching your potential.