Saturday to Shabbos
When I was growing up Saturday was what I called the day after Friday. But now, among the many changes I’ve made in becoming observant... eating kosher, moving to a Jewish community, and sending my kids to Yeshiva, I now call Saturday... Shabbos. On this podcast, I’ll present real-life stories of people who’ve made their own journey to Jewish observance, the obstacles they overcame, and how the journey transformed them.



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From Fortune 500 corporations to startups and non-profits Jeff is a trusted partner to senior management teams and individuals with an extensive record of strategizing and executing impactful HR and leadership development solutions across international teams. His insightful, grounding approach to tackling the most challenging HR situations has earned him a reputation as the go-to coach and consultant to unlock human and company potential.

About Jeff
Jeff Cohen is a seasoned HR and leadership development senior consultant and executive coach with 20+ years experience across multiple HR disciplines including integrated talent management, leadership effectiveness, employee training and executive coaching, organizational restructuring, and strategic HR communications. Jeff is highly adept at mobilizing executive teams and individuals to deliver cutting edge, business-focused outcomes at all organizational levels.

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