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Jeff leads seminars for audiences ranging from 5 to 5,000+. He can customize his presentation and deliver it in formats ranging from live events to webinars, podcasts, or even tele-seminars to meet your specific needs. His most popular topics include:

Take Charge of your Career and have a Career Year

What’s the biggest driving force to your career success? Is it the company you work for? Your boss? The projects you get assigned? Few people realize the biggest factor is YOU! Taking charge of your career and reaching your potential is within reach. You just need to know the tools and steps to make it happen.

Pillars of Productivity

Based on the tips and strategies in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Working Less, Earning More, you’ll learn how to maximize the precious 168 hours available each week. From paying your life first to focusing on future headlines you want to come true, you’ll walk away knowing how to be your most productive self.

From Search to Success: Landing the Right Job

Finding a new job can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you find leads and convert them into interviews? What does it take to wow the interviewer? How do you get from a successful first interview to actually landing the gig. It’s not guesswork when you understand proven strategies to landing a great job faster than you ever imagined.

Building Your Leadership Skills Toolkit

Maybe you just got promoted into your first role managing other people. Or perhaps you just received a disappointing performance review and want to become a leader folks admire. Building an effective leadership toolkit is your ticket to building followership among your direct reports and the broader organization.

Career Counseling: Unlock What’s Holding You Back

If only we could all hire an executive coach to guide us through every step of our career journey. While the daily hand holding may not be possible, the essential tips to career success can be boiled down to a single session focused on understanding what holds back most professionals from reaching their career destiny.

Matching your Professional and Spiritual Paths

We all want to do meaningful work. Even further, we desire for that work to match with our values. But how do you find work that integrates into the very way you want to lead your life. Believe it or not, you can successfully intertwine your morals and beliefs into a fulfilling career path.

It's all about growth... personally and professionally.
Jeff Cohen has spent his career speaking, consulting, and writing about life improvement. Whether it's a speech about finding your true career purpose, a book about earning more in less time, or a podcast about the journey to spiritual enlightenment, the overriding theme is reaching your potential.